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Find your center

Embrace the Journey

Mii amo is your refuge from a world that can all too easily throw you off balance. It’s a sanctuary where you can journey inside, back to the quiet, rooted spaces of your soul and once again find peace. Here, nestled below the Warrior Rock and Kachina Woman spires, you can fill your eyes with nature. You can breathe ancient, powerful energy. You can seek the blessings of the sun and let the earth speak to your heart.


Proudly named the #1 Domestic Destination Spa in Travel + Leisure's 2018 World's Best Awards. 


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Open your heart, gain insights, and a sense of peace only a Mii amo Journey can bring. 


Set within the soaring red rock backdrop of Sedona, Arizona, Mii amo is surrounded by awe-inspiring, natural beauty and endless spiritual healing.

“Take only memories leaving

nothing but footprints”


Chief Seattle, Suquamish

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