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2017 Mii amo Retreats

Open to all Mii amo® guests, these three- to seven-day, all-inclusive retreats encourage participants to explore and rediscover themselves through expert-led sessions and activities. Join us for a retreat and experience rejuvenation and enlightenment in many areas of life including career, nutrition, spirituality, holistic wellness and relationships.  Allow our curated retreats to help you find true balance and inner harmony.

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September 17-21, 2017

The Zen of Happy, Presented By, Gita Wagner

September 17-21 , 2017

Zen is a meditation path to awaken to our original nature, directly, in this very moment.

To be happy is what we most seek in life.

Scientific research is now corroborating the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions: Happiness follows mindfulness like a shadow. We each carry the sacred space of calm and joy dep within ourselves. Completely independent of what is happening in our lives, this inner space has always been here.
The Zen of Happy is for you to reclaim your true happy place and to start creating a balanced, fulfilled life from the inside out.

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A Letter from Gita Wagner

Gita Wagner

Experience this complimentary retreat along with a Mii amo Journey.  Choose the Journey that best fits your goals and intentions.

October 8-15, 2017

Preventative Wellness Body Mind Intuition, Presented By, Cathleen Miller

October 8 - 15, 2017

Learn to understand and appreciate your individual body-mind wellness connection. This retreat allows you to align your physical and emotional needs, while improving energy and confidence about your current and future well-being. 

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Cathleen Miller, Master Intuitive, Author & Owner, Intuitive Lifestyle Success works as an elite holistic practitioner internationally, leading seminars and holistic wellness spa retreats to activate conscious awareness and empower participants to reach their highest personal potential.

Experience this complimentary retreat along with a Mii amo Journey. Choose the Journey that best fits your goals and intentions.

Oct 29 - Nov 5, 2017

Astrology and the Art of Living in Harmony, Presented By, Kamma Bothe

October 29 - November 5, 2017

Astrology provides insight into human nature, aiding in self-discovery and personal growth. Its interpretations go far beyond the Zodiac calendar and unlike your Zodiac sign, which is shared by millions, your birth chart is as unique as you are. It is your personalized map of life. This powerful tool can reveal the depths of your personality, including the skills, talents, motivations and challenges that shape your life. 

Individual sessions in Astrology and Tarot will be available any time after the retreat's scheduled classes. 

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Kamma Bothe was born and raised in Germany. At a very young age, she recognized her talents and psychic abilities and has been studying esoteric sciences and astrology for over 30 years. She continued her training as a counselor and therapist and earned a degree in holistic medicine. With her special talents, Kamma ran her own clinic in Germany and is still known there as a preeminent readers. Kamma now lives in Sedona and enjoys her thriving practice at Mii amo.

Experience this complimentary retreat along with a Mii amo Journey.  Choose the Journey that best fits your goals and intentions.

December 10-14, 2017

Self-Love, Presented By, Sarah McLean

December 10 - 14, 2017

Self-love is an essential ingredient for a life of fullness and peace. When one has a healthy amount of self-love their relationships improve, their well-being and vitality increases, and they become open to receiving the best that life has to offer. This retreat will provide invaluable insights and helpful practices so you can maintain self-love long after you return home. 

Carving out time for this inspiring retreat is a great way to start loving and honoring yourself. The 4-day event consists of three modules:

1. Getting to know the real you and peace that you can access at any moment.

2. Falling in love with yourself and creating more intimacy with your inner landscape.

3. Living with gratitude and confidence, expressing yourself clearly, and seeing the world through loving eyes.

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Sarah McLean is the best-selling author of Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation. She is an inspiring, contemporary teacher whose mission is to support those who seek fulfilling lives, better health, and inner peace. She has been teaching meditation and mind-body wellness programs since the early 90s and has taught thousands of people worldwide to reduce stress, find fulfillment, and live with more confidence and happiness. She has created programs for a variety of new-thought leaders, spas, and corporations as well as the McLean Meditation Institute. Her latest book, Love & The Power of Attention, was released in May 2014. 

Experience this complimentary retreat along with a Mii amo Journey.  Choose the Journey that best fits your goals and intentions.