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You deserve to reconnect with you


It’s time to focus on you. To reconnect with yourself, to breathe deep, to feel the sun on your face and the powerful red rocks beneath your feet. It’s time to seek wisdom and find yourself transformed in so many ways. It’s time for some Mii time in Sedona.

We believe in enabling discovery and the fulfilment that comes from experiencing something unique and new. Carving out Mii time, the time to be nourished literally, emotionally and spiritually, provides the opportunity for you to thrive and enhance your well-being. 

Mii Am Outdoor Yoga in Sedona AZ
Outdoor Pools at Mii Amo Spa
Outdoor Meditation at Mii Amo Spa

Mii amo Journey


Our bespoke Journeys® are steeped in the sacred Native American culture of the Southwest and designed to leave you feeling more beautiful, both inside and out. It is our unique approach to the destination spa experience that has made Mii amo one of the premier wellness resorts in the world.

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Spring Mii Time Experiences


April 28th | Conscious Aging

A reflection on how to live the last third of our lives fully, creatively and consciously.


May 2nd| Sound Healing

Experience sound healing with soothing alchemy crystal bowls.


May 18th| Empowered Style

We all deserve to look and feel our personal best! Learn how to bring out your most confident self.


May 20th | Change Your Story

If we let them, our stories can define us and limit our healing – by definition, isn’t a story a limited experience? Wouldn’t you like your story to support you and help you to heal both body and soul?

2018 Retreat Schedule

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