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Transformative Journeys

Your Journey is distinctive.

The Mii amo Journey Experience

Imagine a path of renewal and discovery. A destination towards your own personal well being. Each Mii amo® Journey experience is centered around your unique needs. Your intentions and your desired outcomes. It is both intimate and transformative. Holistic and enlightening. Spiritual and nurturing

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It’s time to focus on you. To reconnect with yourself, to breathe deep, to feel the sun on your face and the powerful red rocks beneath your feet. It’s time to seek wisdom and find yourself transformed in so many ways. It’s time for some Mii time in Sedona.

Each Mii amo Journey experience is completely personalized.

You may choose one of our five paths for your Journey. Your experience will be inspired and custom designed.

Luxurious Mii Amo Suites


This Journey leads you to a more centered, calm and focused life.

A series of treatments, sessions and activities show you how to reconnect with an open heart, achieve clarity of mind, and effectively deal with life’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stressors. 

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Outdoor Adventures in Sedona


Designed for any level of health and fitness, this Journey re-energizes, balances and motivates you while providing an exercise and nutrition program to maintain or achieve optimal weight.

Mii amo experts will advise guests on healthy nutrition, supplements and exercise routines - sharing information and techniques to cleanse the body and create a lifestyle program focused on long-term wellness.

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Mii Amo Sauna Experiences


Mii amo Resort in Sedona Arizona is the perfect setting to explore the inner self and discover insight, balance and peace.

Spiritual Exploration inspires introspection and encourages insight, balance and peace. This Journey™ includes exceptional energy work, crystal therapies, Native American-inspired traditions and guided meditations to support personal discovery. 

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Mii Amo Outdoor Yoga


During this transformative Journey, treatments and activities are designed to assist you in embarking on any new stage in your life.

The program is customized based on the transition taking place. It may be a personal or family milestone, a fresh beginning, or a period of contemplation where guidance is invaluable. Emphasis is placed on improved communication, balancing life challenges, nutrition and wellness to achieve a positive, healthy transformation.

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Mii Amo Luxury Pools


This Journey is specially designed with treatments, sessions and activities based on your past experiences and focused on your current needs.

Soulful Essence is about the beauty and blessings of being authentically you - sharing your strengths, fearlessness and splendors as you move through each stage of life to achieve a deeper level of healing and growth.

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