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Mii Amo Destination Spa

package includes

  1. Luxury Accommodations
  2. Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner at Mii amo® Café (specialty and alcoholic beverages excluded)
  3. Two spa services each day
  4. Use of all fitness facilities, scheduled fitness classes, and all scheduled lectures and activities
  5. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, steam room, sauna, whirlpool, and men's and women's lounges
  6. Tennis, mountain bikes, hiking trails, and access to the facilities and services of Enchantment Resort®
  7. An exclusive Mii amo gift, tote bag and sports water bottle
Mii Amo Luxury Pool

3 Nights

6 Spa Treatments, Personal Consultations or Services Per Person.

Two 90-Minute, Four 60-Minute
Two spa services each day

An idyllic opportunity to reflect and unwind. Set your intentions for this extended long weekend on Thursday and prepare to feel inspired and renewed. Perfect for those with hectic schedules and limited time.

*Requires Thursday Arrival

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Mii Amo Luxury Suites

4 Nights

8 Spa Treatments, Personal Consultations or Services Per Person.

Three 90-Minute, Five 60-Minute
Two spa services each day

This Sunday arrival will set you up for four blissful days of holistic enlightenment and rejuvenation. Go deeper with your transformation and discover balance with an extra day to experience all that Mii amo has to offer.

*Requires Sunday Arrival

Explore a 4 Night Journey


Mii Amo Personal Massage

7 Nights

14 Spa Treatments, Personal Consultations or Services Per Person.

Six 90-Minute, Eight 60-Minute
Two spa services each day

For those who seek the ultimate transformational experience, our seven-night package provides all of the elements essential to restoring your mind, body and soul. Rediscover your true self on this Journey of extraordinary healing and renewal.

*Requires Thursday or Sunday Arrival

Explore a 7 Night Journey


*NOTE: Arrivals are accepted on Thursday or Sunday, depending on your length of stay.

Or a stay at Enchantment Resort may fit your schedule best.

A Bespoke Experience

Your dedicated spa coordinator will customize your itinerary with you by phone or email prior to your arrival. We recommend making your reservations early so we can plan the most fulfilling program just for you.


NOTE: Specialty spa services are not included in the standard packages above and may incur additional charge

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